AJ Paul Photography | About

I grew up in central Utah.  Given my proximity to the red rock country & National Parks to the south, and the snow-capped Wasatch range to the north, it's no surprise that I've always held a strong passion for adventuring in the great outdoors. 

Upon moving to Seattle in 2000, that love of the wilderness led me to sign up for a mountaineering class.  It was there that I first crossed paths with two men who would change my life.  One of these men was already an excellent photographer.  Initially I poked fun at him for lugging his big heavy SLR camera up the mountains - who wants all that extra weight in their pack? - but as I later viewed his images, I was stricken by how beautifully they recalled the memories and emotions from some of our most epic adventures. I wanted to be able to capture those memories for myself; I wanted to be able to share them with others.  I caught the photography bug and never looked back. 

The other of those two men?  He's now my husband, and together we've travelled to some of the most beautiful and remote corners of the globe.  We've been fortunate to experience some truly magical moments, and I hope that as you browse my photos that you can feel some of the same awe and wonder that I did when I captured them.