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Holiday Ordering FAQ's

October 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is almost upon us! Prints and wall pieces can make gorgeous gifts  - a little piece of meaning and beauty that the recipient can enjoy every day.  If you've been thinking of purchasing one as a gift for that special someone who's been good all year (or for yourself - no judgement here!) below are some answers to FAQ's to help you make sure it will be the perfect gift!

Q: I want to give someone a print as a gift, but I'm not sure what photo they'd like best. Do you offer gift cards?

A: Yes! Gift cards are now available for purchase on the website; you'll find them here. You'll see two options - the first is "Select A Print Size". This will give them a gift card for a specific print size/material, e.g. a 20x30 metal print. Your payment includes shipping to anywhere in the USA, so all your recipient has to do is choose the photo and everything is covered! If the recipient chooses a larger piece than you elected, then the value of the gift card purchase will be applied toward their selection instead.

The second option is "Select a Monetary Value" - just select the dollar value you'd like to give. The recipient can use that value toward any purchase at http://ajpaul.photo

WASHINGTON STATE RESIDENTS: I apologize that my web host's e-commerce provider doesn't allow me to differentiate sales tax between gift card purchases and products, so if you purchase a gift card on the website it will try to tack on sales tax. If you wish to give a gift card, please contact me via the website or via email at info@ajpaul.photo to let me know the amount, and I will invoice you directly for the correct, pre-tax amount.

Gift cards will be activated and emailed or shipped to the recipient within 24 hours from purchase. Gift card values do not expire.

Q: I want to fill a very particular wall space with a particular photo, and your website sizes aren't quite right. Can you custom-size a piece to fit?

A: Yes! Just contact me via the website or via email at info@ajpaul.photo to let me know which photo you want, what your desired dimensions are, and what print material you prefer. I'll reply promptly with a quote! If meeting your desired dimensions would require that I crop or stretch the image, I'll include a thumbnail preview to confirm exactly what the print would look like with those proportions. If you confirm that it works I'll issue an invoice via Square that you can pay online via any major credit card. If you require pre-Christmas delivery please see the holiday ordering timelines below to ensure the order is placed on time!

Q: I want to ensure my gift arrives before Christmas. By when do I need to place the order?

A:  Gift cards can be ordered as late as December 24th for electronic delivery on Christmas Day. For prints it's a bit more complicated. As usual, I'll be travelling for much of December into January - late sunrises, early sunsets, and crisp winter snow make it one of my favorite times of the year to shoot new work. Unfortunately this means that to ensure any print orders arrive before Christmas I'll need to print and ship them quite early before I hit the road.  For any print requiring pre-Christmas delivery, please ensure you order no later than Monday, November 27th to guarantee I can produce it in time. 

Should you happen to miss the 11/27 timeline, contact me or email info@ajpaul.photo for options. If what you're looking for is already in stock, or if I have extra bandwidth I may still be able to ship in time; but I'll have to determine on a case-by-case basis.  I can also issue a gift card, or send the recipient a preview card showing them the photo you selected and letting them know that a special piece is being created just for them and will be delivered in January. Or, I could issue an electronic gift card to be delivered in time for Christmas, which they could then redeem for their print.

Q: I'm sending a print as a gift but I don't want the price shown to the recipient. Can you omit that information from the packing slip?

A:  No problem - while you will receive a receipt via email upon completing your order, I do not include the pricing information on the packing slip.

Q: I'm ordering multiple prints for multiple people. Can I specify different ship-to addresses in the same order?

A:  Unfortunately my web host's e-commerce provider isn't flexible enough to allow multiple shipping addresses for different items in the same order. You'll want to create a separate order for each recipient.

Q: I'd like to include a gift message for my recipient - is that possible?

A:  Sure! I am happy to either include a message on the packing slip, or even as a label on the back of the print itself. When you see the print in your shopping cart, click the "Add" link next to "Instructions" and specify the message you'd like included there. Or, if you already ordered, just follow up with an email to info@ajpaul.photo and as long as the order hasn't shipped I can include it! 

Q:  I'm sending a print as a Christmas present. Do you offer gift wrap services?

A:  I'm happy to gift wrap for a few dollars extra (cost dependent on size), however my web host's e-commerce checkout isn't configurable enough to allow that as an option. If you would like your order internally gift-wrapped, please click the "Add" link next to "Instructions" in your shopping cart to mention it, or else follow up with an email to info@ajpaul.photo after placing the order. I can then invoice you separately online for the gift-wrap service.



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