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One-on-One Photography Training Tailored to Your Specific Interests

I learned more in one session with Amanda then I did taking a 2-month long evening photo class for beginners. I am always amazed at the depth of her knowledge, but even more amazed how easily she is able to transfer that information in a manner that makes complete sense to me as a beginner photographer.

A. Souma - Issaquah, WA

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If you are in the Puget Sound area and would like to take your skills as a photographer to the next level, I am happy to offer personalized one-on-one instruction to help you reach those goals. Every session is customized specifically for YOU. It will cover the things you most want/need to learn and will progress at your individual pace.  You can start with a single session, and book as needed, all on a schedule that works for you.

Each session includes demonstration and hands-on practice that will give you a strong foundation from which to build your skills. You'll receive printouts covering everything you learn to reference later as needed. You'll be assigned homework designed to further solidify your skills, and I will be available via email or phone to answer any followup questions that may arise.

Here are just a few examples of customized sessions I've taught to past & current students:

  • Basics of Exposure & Metering
  • Creating Compelling Compositions
  • Mastering Focus and Depth of Field
  • Post-processing in Lightroom
  • Shooting at Night: Star & Aurora Photography
  • Using Filters to Improve Landscape Shots
  • Bird / Wildlife Photography

If you are interested in scheduling a session, the first step is to fill out the New Student Questionnaire on this page. This gives me the information I need to start preparing a customized lesson plan for you. I will typically reply within 24 hours (unless I am working in a remote area) to give you an outline of a proposed lesson plan, and if you like what you see we'll schedule a session!

New Student Questionnaire

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