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Artwork Visualization Service

The Perfect Piece. The Perfect Size. The Perfect Statement.


Artwork makes an instant statement within any home or office. As such it is an investment and you should choose your artwork wisely. The colors and moods of a piece, and its size and placement relative to its surroundings all contribute to its impact within your space.  That's why I'm pleased to offer this Artwork Visualization Service to help my clients customize the perfect piece(s) from my portfolio for their wall(s).

You'll send me a photo of your wall space, the names(s) of the piece(s) you're considering, and a size range. For a nominal fee, I'll then digitally super-impose the work onto your wall so you can see and compare how each of those options would look.  I will also issue you a gift code for my website with value equivalent to the full amount of the service fee. Should you then elect to purchase my artwork, you can apply the full price of the visualization service as a credit toward your purchase.

By comparing the visualizations, you can more easily evaluate:

  • Which of your favorite images work best for your room

  • Whether you prefer a single panel, triptych, or multi-image arrangement

  • What size piece(s) fit best within available wall space

And when you then invest in the work, you can be confident that you've selected the perfect piece(s) to complement your space.

To take advantage of this service, click the "Get Started" button and select the number of distinct mock-up visualizations you'd like to start with (you can always add more later). After you purchase the service, within 24 hours I will email you to provide instructions on how to send me a photograph of your wall space(s). I'll also confirm the pieces/sizes/arrangements you'd like to see visualized, and the measurements I need to create them.   Once I have that information, I'll work on your visualizations and have them ready for you to view in a private gallery on my website within one week. And again, the cost of this service will be applied as a credit toward resulting artwork purchases made from my website.  I look forward to helping you select the perfect statement piece for your home or office!