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Ice Cave

Looking at your photos makes me want to travel to some of the far corners of the earth!

G. Cobb - Port Angeles, WA

Photographer In Action

Amanda J Paul is proficient in many genres of photography, but is best known for her works portraying both the stark beauty of rugged natural environments all around the world, and the personalities of the hardy creatures that call those places home. 

Born and raised in central Utah with snow-capped mountains to the north and red rock desert to the south, she has always been drawn to explore the great outdoors. She purchased her first camera in order to document mountaineering adventures shortly after moving to the Pacific Northwest, but photography soon became much more than a secondary pursuit. The quest to compose an impactful photograph forces her to slow down and explore more deeply; to notice subtleties of the land and the light with greater clarity; to be more fully present in the moment. It is a form of meditation and healing. She shares her work in the hopes of inspiring the audience to seek similar solace in nature, and to preserve these sites and creatures for generations to come.

Amanda now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful (and equally adventurous & talented) husband Jonathan, whom she met during those same mountaineering adventures. Together they have traveled to some of the most beautiful corners of the globe, and they maintain an ever-growing list of all the places they want to visit in the future.

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